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Knuttie’s Revenge

Today ,Tuesday the 5th Dec at 4 o'clock Knuttie declared that he had 2M shares purchased under T20 conditions, and that these will not be rolled over or ...

21st Nov 2017 – as it happened

After the 7am announcement that Bushveld Energy and UET were going to be deploying a 125kW/450KWh Vanadium Flow Battery to Eskom's Rosherville energy storage test site the Ask ...

Trading update – 14th Nov 2017

Tuesday 14th November 2017 Following on from the short started on the previous friday afternoon and the very nervous behaviour of the Market Makers the previous day the share ...

Trading update – 13th Nov 2017

Following on immediately from the afternoon short attack of the Friday the 10th November... Nervy, you might describe it. Initially a couple of smallish buys kicked the Bid and Ask up ...


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